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The dagger disappeared in the early middle ages and did not resurface until the 12th century. Durring this period the "knightly dagger", or more properly cross-hilt dagger, was developed into a weapon and tool for civilian use. Our daggers are forged from the highest quality materials and are as durable as their historic counterparts.

King Arthur Dagger with Scabbard

$52.99 $65.00 Ex Tax: $52.99

This regal and rugged Dagger is elaborately engraved on the pommel, hand guard, and scabbard.  The steel finish blade measures 10.5" and the scabbard is leather wrapped.  Now you can own this legendary dagger that matches its legendary big brother, the Excalibur Sword. Features:- Le..

Replica Medieval Richard The Lion Heart Dagger

$54.99 $68.00 Ex Tax: $54.99

This large and powerful Medieval dagger is indicative of 'The Lionheart's' convictions during his reign and his role in the Crusades.  The KING RICHARD DAGGER features a beautiful nickel finished embossed handle with lions resting on the hand guard.  The 11" metal blade fits smoothly into ..

Replica Roman Dagger

$52.99 $65.00 Ex Tax: $52.99

This Historic Roman Dagger is a high quality replica of personal weaponry carried during the great days of the Roman Empire.  It was an easily concealable and therefore popular weapon in a time known for conspiracy and murder. This dagger is finely engraved with eagles, lion, and wolf figures a..

Wooden Sgian Dubh

$19.80 $22.00 Ex Tax: $19.80

Much statelier than the "sock" version, this dagger is hand-crafted from high-carbon spring steel. This piece originated in the early 1800's and was usually worn with a kilted day dress. Dimensions : 6.5"..

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