The Armory offers a wide selection of helmets, chest pieces, gauntlets, and leggings. This alows you to customize a suit of armor so that is will be perfect for your needs. Most all of our armor components are fully functional and hand-forged to the same specifications as their historic counterparts.  

Milanese Arms

$276.75 $369.00 Ex Tax: $276.75

Combining the Vambrace, Cowter and Rerebrace into a single unit, this arm protection is a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour (AB0063) and is offered separately for the re-en actor to complement any 15th Century harness. Construction is 16 gauge steel with strap and buckle attachments. Ready to wear..

Milanese Gauntlets (Pair) 16G

$131.25 $175.00 Ex Tax: $131.25

These gauntlets are an integral part from the Milanese Suit of Armour (AB0063) and are fully articulated and completely functional.  Crafted in 16 ga. plate, they are fitted with attachment straps and are ready to wear. Weight: 4 lbs. (pair). Features: 16 Gauge Leather Straps Fully..

Milanese Greaves 16G

$146.25 $195.00 Ex Tax: $146.25

Made to protect the shin, these greaves from the Milanese Suit of Armour (AB0063) are offered separately for the re-enactor.  Although they match perfectly with the upper leg protection afforded by AB0064 they will work very well as stand-alone greaves.  Crafted in 16 ga. steel and provide..

Pauldrons Milanese Shoulders

$111.75 $149.00 Ex Tax: $111.75

The Pauldrons protect the shoulders and a pair of these pieces from the Milanese Armour (AB0063) is offered separately for the re-en actor.  With outstanding articulation, these pieces will complement any 15th century-style harness.  Crafted in 16 gauge steel, these are ready to wear. ..

Roman Legionaries Armour

$499.99 $599.99 Ex Tax: $499.99

The main armor of a Roman soldier consisted of a "Lorica Segmentata" Cuirass whose segmented sections and hinged steel pieces riveted to leather straps.  This provided increased maneuverability while still giving the protection of plate steel.  This set comes with a Roman Legionaries Helm ..

Roman Lorica

$201.75 $269.00 Ex Tax: $201.75

Solidly constructed in 18 gauge steel and based on an original piece. This Lorica Segmentata will fit chest sizes up to 44" (over garments). Fittings are authentically styled and cast in brass. Features:- 25 lbs  ..

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