Civil War Swords

Our Civil War swords are modeled after actual historic blades and are crafted to the exact specifications as their historic counterpart using only the highest quality materials. These Civil War swords make a wonderful addition to any collection and are perfect for any history buffs.

Civil War C.S.A. Officer's Sword with Scabbard

$57.99 $72.00 Ex Tax: $57.99

This Confederate Officer's Saber has a 36" curved carbon steel blade that can be sharpened with a brass hilt with a brown leather, brass wire wrapped handle.  The blade of this replica sword is stamped and fits neatly into its steel scabbard with brass fittings. Features:- Length: 43"- W..

Civil War Cavalry Trooper's Sword

$56.99 $70.00 Ex Tax: $56.99

This Civil War Cavalry Trooper's sword features a wood grip with inset brass braid, a brass hilt, and a 3-bar swept brass handle.  This replica sword has a 34" curved carbon steel blade and a polished steel scabbard.Features:- Length: 42"- Weight: 4 lbs    ..

Civil War Confederate Ncos Sword

$67.99 $84.00 Ex Tax: $67.99

Confederate Civil War Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword.  This replica sword features 34" steel blade, brass handguard and pommel, steel scabbard with brass fittings. Features:- Weight: 2 lbs ..

Civil War M1832 Short Artillery Sword

$86.99 $108.00 Ex Tax: $86.99

This M1832 Artillery Short Sword has a brass hilt and cross-guard with an embossed eagle on the pommel.  The carbon steel blade of this replica sword has a blood groove and fits snugly into its leather scabbard. Features:- Length: 26"- Blade: 19.3"- Weight: 3.1 lbs ..

Civil War U.S. M1850 Staff and Field Officer's Sword

$70.99 $88.00 Ex Tax: $70.99

This ornately detailed U.S. M-1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword has a semi-basket brass guard and a heavily engraved slightly curved blade.  This replica sword is complimented by a brass mounted steel scabbard. Features: Length: 40" Weight: 3 lbs ..

Colonial Bunker Hill Sword

$64.99 $80.00 Ex Tax: $64.99

The Bunker Hill Sword was designed in memory of the battle of June 17, 1775, when William Prescott commanded 1,500 Colonials in a bitter-fought defeat that showed commands from both sides that the rag-tag Colonial Army was capable of standing its ground against the British ranks.  Oddly, the ba..

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