Boy's Clothing

Monk's Robe for Children

$62.10 $69.00 Ex Tax: $62.10

Be you be a man of the cloth or rogue in hiding, this is a perfect outfit for traveling the roads of any renaissance festival.  Made of a heavy 100% brown cotton weave, this outfit is as durable as it is foreboding.  A full generous hood and belt complete the ensemble.  46 " long.&nbs..

Musketeer Tabard for Children

$71.10 $79.00 Ex Tax: $71.10

Leaping from the pages of Alexandre Dumas' legendary novel, your young D'Artagnan will cut a swashbuckling way though the crowd, wearing this magnificent tabard.  Constructed from a rich blue cotton velvet, and lined with matching rayon, the front and sleeves of this tunic are embroidered with ..

Swordsman Shirt for Children

$28.90 $34.00 Ex Tax: $28.90

The Swordsman shirt for children can either be worn with the children's musketeer tabard or on its own.  This wonderful period shirt is a great addition to any young boy's period ensemble.  Made of 100% white cotton, the shirt sports both lace-up front and sleeves.  Looks dashing when..

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