Blunt Weapons

Blunt weapons are among the oldest weapons in history. They rely on the user’s strength and weight of the weapon to deliver blunt force trauma to the target. The Armory offers a wide selection of blunt weapons including, maces, flails, and clubs. Though simple weapons, each is created to be historically accurate.

Medieval Flail

$39.00 $52.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

Owing its genesis to the medieval corn-threshing implement, the military flail was a fearsome disabling weapon with its ability to reach out to a distance far exceeding the length of its shaft and with its iron weights travelling at lethal speeds.  We also offer a wide selection of GDFB helmets..

Medieval Skull Mace

$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00

Our skull mace is sure to strike fear in your enemies.  This incredible medieval skull mace features 2.5" steel spikes that rest atop a blackened steel skull that is attached to a hand pounded, heavy steel rod which goes into the blackened hand carved wood handle.  The toughest, scariest m..

Spiked Skull Flail

$151.20 $168.00 Ex Tax: $151.20

The Medieval Skull Flail is an incredible weapon that is as real as you can get.  It is hand crafted from steel and features a blackened steel skull with 2.5" spikes that is attached to a blackened chain over 24" long which is linked inside a hand wrought blackened steel bar.  The wrought ..

War Club

$133.20 $148.00 Ex Tax: $133.20

This weapon was used throughout ancient cultures long before swords became available.  It was very effective during the ages that predated full suit armor.  This War Club is hand-crafted using the same methods that were used during the Middle Ages.  It features blackened iron bands an..

War Hammer

$151.20 $168.00 Ex Tax: $151.20

Knights during the Middle Ages commonly used this deadly weapon.  A swift blow from the blunt edge could easily shatter bone while the opposing spike could punch holes through chainmail, armor and flesh.  This reproduction is hand forged from blackened iron and is secured tightly with hand..

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