Asian Swords

Whether you're looking for a katana, wakizashi, or tanto, The Armory has a wide selection for you to choose from. We proudly offer fully function swords that are hand forged as well as decorative economy swords that are a great accent to most any decor. To view the asian swords that are available, click on the photos below:

Hand Forged Samurai Sword with Blood Groove

$119.93 Ex Tax: $119.93

Features: Hand Forged Samurai Sword 40.5" Overall 26.5" 7mm Tick Blade, Carbon Steel Blade with Blood Groove Black Code Wrapped with Real Skin Handle Iron Chrysanthmum Tsuba Includes Black Lacquer Scabbard, Sword Bag & Cleaning Kit ..

Hayabusa Katana

$159.99 Ex Tax: $159.99

The Hayabusa Katana is a beautifully crafted sword that also happens to be economical.  The full tang blade is hand forged from 1064 high-carbon steel.  The handle is wrapped in simulated ray skin and premium black cotton.  The saya is hand crafted from wood and finished with a deep b..

Hunter Wakizashi

$1,125.00 $1,500.00 Ex Tax: $1,125.00

The Hunter Wakizashi is built on the Hanwei L6/Bainite blade n the Shonogi Zukuri style, and featuring superb koshirae, the Hunter is a very desirable and functional piece.  The subdued green silk ito and green striped lacquered saya with green silk sageo compliment the blackened tsuba with gol..

Ikebana Katana

$499.99 Ex Tax: $499.99

Dollar for Dollar, Ikeda Swords are the best on the market. These swords are not mass produced.  Each sword is hand-forged in a China based Japanese studio. This katana is crafted with traditional forging techniques from 1055 high carbon steel. The blade is differential hardened using a traditi..

Kaeru (Frog) Wakizashi

$787.50 $1,050.00 Ex Tax: $787.50

The blade of the Kaeru wakizashi is hand-forged and folded from powder steel, with a medium-length (chu) kissaki.  The saya is deeply lacquered in black. High quality ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka.  The tsuka-ito is made of premium dark blue Japanese cotton.  The tsuba is craft..

Kaji Kisoku Katana

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

Tales of Dragons appear throughout Japanese folklore.  These creatures often possess magical powers such as healing, flying, or the ability of assuming a human form at will.  The Kaji Kisoku Katana was created to honor these mystical creatures.  The full tang blade is hand-forged from..

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