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Medieval Swords

During medieval times is when the sword acquired its basic forms. It was typical for swords of this period to have a large hilt and protective pommel. The blade was usually straight, double-edged, and pointed. Most of our medieval swords feature battle ready blades that are individually hand-forged like their predecessors.

Basket-Hilt Broadsword

$356.25 $475.00 Ex Tax: $356.25

Although Basket-Hilt swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, their association with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander has become legendary.  Our Paul Chen Basket-Hilt Broadsword, replicated from an original in the collection of the Royal Ar..

Celtic Combat Sword

$151.99 $168.99 Ex Tax: $151.99

The Celts were brave warriors that dated back to 500 BC.  The close combat sword was their weapon of choice as it's flared blade possessed a strong and deadly edge that could be wielded quickly.  The solid brass crescent moon guard and pommel reflect the Celts worship of the heavens. ..

Celtic Flame Sword

$143.99 $158.99 Ex Tax: $143.99

The Celtic Flame Sword is modeled after a sword from Celtic folklore. It is hand forged from high-carbon spring steel.  It features a hardwood handle and solid brass guard and pommel.  Leather sheath is included. Dimensions : 27.5"..

Crusader Sword

$203.99 $226.99 Ex Tax: $203.99

This beautiful Crusader Sword is modeled after a sword that was used from 1096-1291.  Crafted from high-carbon spring steel and tempered over hot coals, as was done back in the Middle Ages.  The stylish guard is made of hand-cast brass, as is the octagon pommel that depicts the symbol of g..

German Hunting Sabre

$160.99 $178.99 Ex Tax: $160.99

The unique and ornate workmanship of early hunting sabres is wonderfully recreated in this all-brass hilt sword.  Its origin in design is from southern Germany (Bayern) dating around 1540.  This German Hunting Sabre is hand forged from tempered carbon steel and has a slightly curved serrat..

German Wald Sword

$178.99 $198.99 Ex Tax: $178.99

Weapons such as these were carried for hunting and protection throughout the forests ("Wald").  This German Wald Sword is modeled after an actual German Hunting sword and is hand forged from high-carbon spring steel and features a twisted steel guard and a segmented and etched rosewood grip...

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