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The exact origin of the sai has been greatly debated. Although many people believe that it was developed in Okinawa as a weapon, there is evidence of similar tools that predate the sai. When weilded by a skilled practitioner, these weapons can be deadly. The Armory offers a wide selection of sais that come in a variety of styles, lengths, and finishes. 

19" Silver Iron Dragon Sai

$26.93 Ex Tax: $26.93

Features:- Sai- 19" Overall- 19" Silver Iron Dragon Sai- Leather Cord Wrapped- Sold By Pair ..

Black Metal Sai

$22.43 Ex Tax: $22.43

Features: Sai 19.5" Overall Black Metal Sai ..

ProForce® Plastic Sai - Blue

$19.50 $23.95 Ex Tax: $19.50

One piece molded plastic sai.  Lightweight and ideal for beginners practicing striking and counter techniques.  Traditional round stem and handles for a sure grip.  Measures 12-1/2" long.  Features:- One Piece Molded Plastic- 12 1/2" Overall - Traditional Round Stem and Handle..

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