The Armory offers a wide selection of novelties and gift items. These unique items are perfect for any history buff and make a great addition to any home or office décor. To view an items, click on the photos below:  

Gettysburg Address Cannon Set

$89.99 $112.00 Ex Tax: $89.99

An elegant tribute to one of history's defining moments.  This desktop display features the text of Lincoln's historic Gettysburg Address, an image of President Lincoln, and a detailed replica of the Civil War's most recognized cannon the M1857 12 pound Gun Howitzer "Napoleon"Features:- 7"..

Model 1883 Gatling Gun

$25.99 $32.00 Ex Tax: $25.99

Colt Model 1883 Gatling Gun, all original gun in 45-70 caliber.  Originally introduced in 1883 this Gatling Gun was capable of firing up to 800 rpm! ..

Old West Ball 'N Chain with Leg Cuff

$57.99 $72.00 Ex Tax: $57.99

This Ball and Chain is great gag gift for bachelors, and anniversaries, or serves a perfect decoration or theatrical prop.  The Ball and Chain are hollow, but the Ball can be filled with sand if a more realistic weight is desired.  The aged iron finish gives it an antique and historic feel..

Old West Jailer's Brass Keys

$22.99 $28.00 Ex Tax: $22.99

These Old West Jailer's Keys look just like the real thing!  This set of 5 keys comes on a large metal ring and make a great Old West decor accent.  Features:- Weight: 6 oz  ..

Old West Pharo Cards

$12.99 $15.00 Ex Tax: $12.99

If Texas Hold'em is your game, then get a real feel of history and start up your game with your buddies with these Replica Old West Pharo cards.  Frontier fortunes were won and lost playing with Samuel Hart & Co. pharo cards.  These cards are as seen in the movie "Tombstone". Fe..

Old West Replica Handcuffs

$19.99 $24.00 Ex Tax: $19.99

These Replica hand cuffs are just like the ones used in the Civil War and the Old West Frontier to shackle convicted prisoners.  These cuffs are of metal construction and have an antique finish. Features:- Weight: 1.4 lbs ..

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