Medieval Swords

During medieval times is when the sword acquired its basic forms. It was typical for swords of this period to have a large hilt and protective pommel. The blade was usually straight, double-edged, and pointed. Most of our medieval swords feature battle ready blades that are individually hand-forged like their predecessors.

Medieval Twisted Handle Scottish Claymore Sword

$92.99 $115.00 Ex Tax: $92.99

This 57” highlander sword brings images of the fierce warrior William Wallace battling Longshanks army on the field at Falkirk.  William Wallace, a giant of man for the time standing 6' 7" tall, was armed with a education in religion and languages, and had a mercurial temper.  Wallace wage..

Medieval Viking Sword

$60.99 $75.00 Ex Tax: $60.99

This short but strong sword accompanied the Vikings in their raids to the English coast during the 9-10th Centuries.  It was a rugged and efficient design, offering a combination of speed and power, much like the Norse attackers that wielded it.  This replica sword features a lobed pommel,..

Pirate Cutlass With Scabbard

$67.99 $84.00 Ex Tax: $67.99

This Pirate Boarding Cutlass features a brass full bowl guard and pommel with wood handle.  The 23.5" curved carbon steel blade fits into leather scabbard with brass furniture. Features:]- Length: 30.5"- Weight: 2.4 lbs ..

Pirate Cutlass Without Scabbard

$35.99 $44.00 Ex Tax: $35.99

This Classic Pirate Cutlass was a short sword with an overall length of 32" and was the swashbuckler's favorite.  The 26.5" blade is forged of carbon steel, with a 3/4 length blood grove and measures 1 3/4" at its widest.  The hand-guard is a single piece of steel that flares out to over 4..

Sinbad Scimitar

$178.20 $198.00 Ex Tax: $178.20

With a blade that is almost 5" at it's widest point, this Sinbad Scimitar is sure to inspire respect from all.  This sword is hand forged from high-carbon spring steel and due to its unique pommel design is extremely well balanced and can be used with either one hand or two.  The handle..

Tinker Great Sword of War

$281.25 $375.00 Ex Tax: $281.25

The Tinker Great Sword of War is designed and crafted purely as a cutting sword and, weighing in at a little less than four pounds, it is built to excel on heavy targets.  The 11" grip provides excellent leverage and static and dynamic balance are to Tinker's demanding standards.  The blad..

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