Colonial Replicas

“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union..." these words were the essence of the Declaration of Independence and sparked a Revolution that led to the formation of the greatest nation on earth. The Armory proudly offers reproductions from this historic time-period. ­­

Flintlock, 18th Cent. Italian

$39.99 $49.00 Ex Tax: $39.99

This 19th century Italian Blunderbuss pistol features a replica percussion firing mechanism.  It is contructed of a complete wood stock and offers metal contrustion on the lock, the engraved barrel and a pirate deign on the butt plate. Perfect for capturing the high seas!.  This model f..

French Silver Dueling Pistol Non-Firing Gun

$78.99 $98.00 Ex Tax: $78.99

These replica, non-firing pistols were originally manufactured by the master craftsmen of Versailles, Boutet France in 1810.  The original is in the Royal collection at Windsor Castle. Features:- Length: 15"- Weight: 1.75 lbs- Finish: Silver Trim ..

George Washington Flintlock Pistol- Non-Firing

$78.99 $98.00 Ex Tax: $78.99

Selected to command the Continental Army in April, 1775, George Washington (1732-1799) was partial to this style flintlock during the Revolutionary War.  This is a classic, decorative, 18th century Flintlock pistol, embossed wood and metal grips.Features: Length: 13.5" Weight: 1.2 lbs ..

India Brass & Ivory Finish Flintlock Pistol

$41.99 $52.00 Ex Tax: $41.99

This classic, engraved Flintlock from Lucknow, India features an 8" engraved barrel in steel finish, engraved fittings and resin, simulated wood stock.  Non firing replica. Features:- Length: 13.25"- Weight: 1.7 lbs..

India Flintlock Pistol- Non-Firing

$38.99 $48.00 Ex Tax: $38.99

This classic, engraved Flintlock from Lucknow, India features an 8" engraved barrel in steel finish.  This replica gun has engraved fittings and a resin, simulated wood stock.Features: Length: 13.25" Weight: 1.7 lbs ..

Italian 1825 Brass Percussion Dueling Flintlock

$46.99 $58.00 Ex Tax: $46.99

This Italian Brescia 1825 percussion Dueling Pistol is a handsome testament to bygone days when men defended their honor by dueling.  This replica gun features a detailed simulated brass engraved barrel and furniture.  Non firing replica. Features:- Length: 15"- Weight. 1.5 lbs- Brass..

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