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Britannia Guard Coat

$153.00 $170.00 Ex Tax: $153.00

This formal Britannia Guard dress coat is 100% wool with a drab green open front.  The cuff braid, collar markings, shoulder patches and chest emblems all add to an overall steampunk look.  Order S, M, L, XL. ..

Buccaneer Coat

$112.50 $125.00 Ex Tax: $112.50

The bitter cold of the English Channel will be no match for this dashing Captain's styled coat.  This heavy gray woolen coat is one of the best we have ever produced.  The long period cut, the large bell cuffs and the richly antiqued buttons all add up to make this coat one stunning piece ..

Captain Morgan Coat

$175.50 $195.00 Ex Tax: $175.50

As a privateer, Captain Henry Morgan battled through jungles and in major sea battles for the spoils of war.  This coat is a great homage to a pirate known as a real man's man.  We have used a beautiful blood red cotton velvet with a matching red cotton lining.  Beautiful gold rope tr..

Clockwork Open Coat

$148.50 $165.00 Ex Tax: $148.50

This overcoat is made of a wool blend and features split cuffs and beautifully detailed rough hewn string stitching along the front and collar, making for a truly unique look.  A high period collar completes the look.  Order S, M, L or XL. ..

Dorian Vest

$135.00 $150.00 Ex Tax: $135.00

This plush Victorian vest sports a tall back collar and double-breasted front.  Satin back with adjustable tie rear belt for a perfect fit.  Manufactured here in the US by Shrine.  Order either Red Brocade or Gold Brocade.  S, M, L, XL or XXL. ..

Empire Gentleman's Steampunk Coat

$152.15 $179.00 Ex Tax: $152.15

This rich Steampunk black brocade coat has faux sealskin lapels and arm straps.  Features full pockets and antique silver buttons.  Order S/M or L/XL. ..

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