Axes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From small hand axes that can be wielded with great speed to giant battle axes that are cumbersome, but cause devastating damage to anything they impact. The Armory offers a wide selection of axes which will fit most any combat style.

Double-Headed War Axe

$160.20 $178.00 Ex Tax: $160.20

This massive axe is sure to instill fear in all of your foes. The blade measures over 18" across and is hand-forged from blackened steel and secured with hand-wrought nails to a blackened and seared wood handle. This weapon is a great addition to any collection. Dimensions : 48" ..

Francisca Axe Antiqued

$90.00 $120.00 Ex Tax: $90.00

The Francisca, so named for its Frankish origins, was used by the Vikings both as a throwing weapon and for close-quarters combat.  Its graceful lines are legendary but the up-swept point and down-turned edge were both capable of penetrating chain mail.  Our Francisca axe crafted by Paul C..

Medieval Valkyrie Battle Axe

$64.99 $80.00 Ex Tax: $64.99

Legend has it that VALKYRIE'S BATTLE AXE was used by the warriors who served Odin and led the souls of the dead heroes to Valhalla.  The 8" x 8" Axe head is mounted on a 22.6" leather wrapped handle with metal fitting. Features:- Length: 28"- Weight: 3 lbs ..

Replica Medieval 17th Century Viking Battle Axe

$72.99 $90.00 Ex Tax: $72.99

A sinister and deadly design made this a preferred weapon of the Scandinavian warrior of the 8th Century. Length: 33", Weight: 6 lbs. Features:- Length: 33",- Weight: 6 lbs ..

Throwing Axe Antiqued

$48.75 $65.00 Ex Tax: $48.75

The Throwing Axe could be used as a weapon in two ways. As a hand-held weapon it was a lethal force, capable of cleaving helms, mail and shields, while a volley of thrown axes could disrupt an opposing force and allow a breakthrough in a shield wall.Features: Viking Throwing Axe Hardwood Shaft ..

Utility Axe

$33.75 $45.00 Ex Tax: $33.75

Typical of the domestic tool that would accompany its owner to war when required, this style of utility axe has been in use since medieval times. At 30 1/2" long, with an 8 1/2" head, the axe is easily carried in our GB3920/GB3921 belt carrier.Made by GDFB. ..

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