The details are what make a costume great. Whether it’s a holster, belt, or spurs, The Armory offers a wide selection of accessories to help make your outfit complete. Click on the sections below or from the following: Belts, Hat Accessories, Holsters, Miscellaneous, or Padding.

18-22 inch Ostrich Plume

$9.00 $10.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

18-22 inch Ostrich Plumes will enhance any outfit.  Pin to your hat, basket or anything else.  Colors may vary slightly from image due to the dye process. ..

Arm Garters

$22.50 $25.00 Ex Tax: $22.50

Jazz up any gown with our Arm Garters, which can also double as Renaissance scrunchies.  They come in sets of six, one for each wrist, elbow and bicep.  Choose your trim color from Gold or Silver. Size : OSFA Color : Gold, Silver ..


$40.50 $45.00 Ex Tax: $40.50

Made of 7-8 ounce vegetable-tanned leather, our bracers are hand-dyed.  Each one has a rounded edge for comfort and decorated with a hand-tooled line.  Grommets reinforce the lacing.  One size fits most. ..

Cotton Sash

$10.80 $12.00 Ex Tax: $10.80

One of the most versatile accessories you'll ever own! Wrap it around your head, your waist, or tie to your arm to hold slashed sleeves out of the way.  Hold your mug, pouches, favors, knife, and just about anything else. 100% cotton, 3 yards long. ..

Knightly Headband

$31.50 $35.00 Ex Tax: $31.50

Knightly Headbands are a perfect compliment to any mail coif.  Sofis bands are made with stretch velvet and laced with a gold trim.  Laces in the back allow you to tie it securely so it stays.  OSFA...

Leather Waist Cincure

$67.50 $75.00 Ex Tax: $67.50

Handmade of 8 ounce leather to last a lifetime.  Rounded and tooled edge for comfort, our cincures have coated grommets. Front, back and side laces allow for your custom fit. ..

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